How to Keep Client Information?

Posted on December 15, 2011


Client information is significant for all organizations. Businesses are trying to keep their client’s information organized and easy to access. Numerous ways are being adopted in this regard. Keeping complete record of your client helps you determine where your client is in your program. Some tips are going to be shared with you to help you to keep your client’s information easy to access.

Business owners can create a physical client file. This file can be created using manila file folder in which one can easily drop his paperwork. Physical client file will contain:

  • Your client’s agreement form
  • Assessment forms
  • Details of project you might be working on

This is world of technology. Divers technologies are being developed and are utilized in business world. Record keeping process has become so much easy by using computer programs. Everyone is saving his/her personal data and business related records in computers and client information is also one of the essential business related records. Client sheets are widely prepared using different computer applications to keep this data organized and easy to access. Using computer programs like excel or word, you can create a client contact sheet. It will contain your client’s name, address, email, phone, fax and other essential contact information that is essential for you and your business. You will create this template for only one time in your computer and can use it further whenever you are required. Client Information Sheet Template will be best option to consider in this regard. Advantage of making this sheet is that you can simply print it out and fill it each time you take on new client. After printing this sheet, staple this sheet inside the left cover of your client’s folder. This will help you whenever you need to access your client’s information, you will just flip open the file and information will be right there.

Most businesses are communicating via email with documents going back and forth, so there must be an individual client folder in your PC. It is not necessary that your client will always send you all documentation in hard copy but he can send you important documents through mail or can give you soft copy of these documents rather than giving you in paper form. So, you have to store information in your PC in an organized way that whenever you want to get any of this record, you can have an easy access over it. For this, you can create client’s folder on your PC. You can amass all documents that you send and receive from your clients.

For each client, creating client’s folder for each client using email option will serve you a lot. Doing this, emails that will be sent to/from your clients, will go into their individual email folders. Doing this will let you to keep track of your communications easily and you will not required to shift through hundreds of emails that comes into your email box each day.

Above described ways will definitely help you keep your client’s information easy to access and on track.