Guidelines to Search Your Pet

Posted on May 17, 2012


Keeping pets is favorite hobby of most of the people. Some of these people like to keep pets only for time pass or some for their passion for animals. Losing your pet may make you out of your senses but this is the time when you should not lose your senses and immediately start searching your pet. A collection of tips is going to be shared with you that will help you to find your pet as soon as possible:

  • When you become sure that your pet is missing, you should immediately start searching it without waiting for it might come to you itself. As soon as you start search, less distance will be traveled by your pet. You should search surrounding property and should check all possible places at your home where your pet could be. Once you have found your pet at all places then move on searching outside your home by asking your neighbors about your pet.
  • In case of losing your pet, you should look for physical evidence of your pet such as animal hairs, paw prints as well as animal droppings that may provide some clue to your pet’s whereabouts.
  • To find out your pet, you can leave out food and water as well as belongings with a familiar scent that might attract your pet. By smelling its favorite scent of food, it can come back if it is nearby your home and not have gone far away.
  • Calling your pet can also work for you well. Your voice is very appealing for your pet and your voice may compel it running towards you. You can call your pet several times in street or nearby area where you think your pet can go.
  • Distributing lost pet flyers with a clear picture of your pet can also serve you right to combat with this problem. You can distribute such flyers among people to get your pet back. Such flyers are very helpful finding your pet as these provide complete information regarding your pet including where it was last seen. Preparation of such flyers is not very difficult as you can acquire help from Pet Lost Template to make your lost pet flyer.
  • You should also talk about your pet to everyone you meet. You should keep your flyer in your hands and ask everyone who meets you in your walkway. Show your flyer to everyone and ask if someone has seen your pet anywhere. Doing this will help you tracing your pet.
  • Until your pet is found, you should visit animal shelter after every 2-3 days. Leave complete information about your pet and your contact information at these animal shelters. This is necessary as if these shelters find your pet, they can inform you.
  • You can give ad in local newspaper and can offer some reward for pet finder. Offering reward will definitely work for you more quickly.

By reading above guidelines, you will be able to get your pet back as soon as possible.