Significant Types of Posters

Posted on May 28, 2012


Posters are printed designed papers intended to be attached to walls at diverse public places. Posters are used to serve variety of purposes. Fundamental purpose which is mostly considered for creation of posters is to serve marketing needs. Posters are designed for diverse purposes including be eye-catching and convey information. Whenever you are required to design a poster, you should classify its type by considering for which purpose you are going to make it. What type of information is required on it? What is designing demand to make your poster? Is combination of graphics and bright colors suites its theme? Having answers to all these questions will help you identify which type of poster you are going to design.  Below, provided material on different types of posters will definitely help you identifying this.

Informative Posters

Informative posters are used to share information regarding specific matter, subject or topic. These posters are widely used to inform or educate people about something. This type of posters is also used to promote political or social awareness campaigns.

Affirmation Posters

These posters are focused to present motivational or inspiring sayings, but adding relevant pictures to support your saying will make your poster more powerful. These posters are distributed to motivate people about something. Considerations in regard of sayings can be bible verses, beautiful pictures including some sort of affirming slogan.

Advertising Posters

This is most common type of posters. These posters are intended to advertise products or services among people. These posters are also used to announce any event. Mostly, business world use these posters on launch of their new products. These posters are amazingly designed and placed in high traffic areas where they can be noticed readily. Combination of bright colors and graphic designing elements is used to design these posters by making these a source of grabbing attention of their target readers.

Subject Posters

These posters are common to be sold at art functions. Normally, subjects of these posters are portrait of musician or an art exhibit.

Propaganda Posters

You may have heard about this kind of posters. These posters often receive negative press. These posters are mostly associated with political campaigns or some kind of corporate communication. These posters are designed by reflecting the philosophy and value of company including company’s logo.

Aside from these kinds of posters, posters are being used increasingly in investigation and intelligence departments. They use posters to let people aware about crimes of wanted thief to catch him. They place posters at different public places titled as “Wanted” by offering reward in order to catch wanted thief as soon as possible. Usually, on these posters essential information about thief and details of his current crime are printed. Layout and information considerations can be well understood by visiting Wanted Poster Template.

It is hopped by reading above useful material; you will be able to easily classify the type of poster you are intended to design. It will help you to understand about what type of material is demanded to design your poster by making it appealing and attention grabbing.