Tips to Make Birthday Invitation in MS Word

Posted on July 21, 2012


Sending invitations has become a custom. Hundreds and thousands of choices are there for birthday invitations to choose from. One can choose from these personalized to age, theme and season. These invitations can be found anywhere even in online card grocery. Birthday invitations are there in form of cards and flyers to ease web users. Birthday Invitation Flyer is one of these online flyers. This is the world of technology and nobody has sufficient time to spend his efforts in designing cards as cards are prepared manually, but in presence of computer technology, digital invitation and cards are used widely. Here are some expert tips for you to design your birthday invitation in MS Word by saving your time and money:

  • Open MS Word and go to the insert tab. Click on “Clip Art” in “illustrations” group. Different image options will be opened when you will click on clip art, search over this window and find appropriate graphic for your card. Once you have decided about clip art icon, click on “insert” button.
  • Right clicking on clip art will open a window in front of you. Follow here “Format Picture”. Here you will go to “Size” tab and clear “Lock Aspect Ratio” box. Set here the height to “4.25”and width to “5.5”. Once you have adjusted settings, click on “OK” button.
  • Follow “insert →Text box” option. After inserting text box, having a right click on text box will open “Format Text Box” option in front of you. Text box settings will be adjusted from here. On “Colors and Lines” tab, click on “No Fill” for fill colors and apply “No Line” for line color. Lastly, click on “OK” button to apply these settings.
  • Choose fascinating font in a coordinating color. Apply large size of font to make text readable. Your basic announcement such as “We are cordially inviting you” must be written in appropriate and a catchy way so that it must appeal your reader. After inserting this text, click outside of the box and press “Ctrl+A” to make text adjustments.
  • Follow the “Mailing” tab and go to “Labels”. Make it sure that you are on “Labels” tab, after it click on “Options”. Under “Product Number” choose “3263 Postcard”. Press “OK” to apply these changes and then click “New Document” button. Clicking on this option will open a page with four birthday invitations.
  • Lastly, save this document for further use. Your birthday invitation is ready to print.