10 Ways to Screw up your website design

Posted on July 29, 2012


A good website design is very vital for any website to be successful. The perfect website design is one which is not only very appealing but also user-friendly. Many different ways can be used to improve website design. To achieve this, a website design should meet all the essential qualities of a good website design.

Here are 10 different ways to screw up your website design.

  1. 1.      Use CSS for text formatting:

CSS is an acronym that stands for Cascading Style Sheet. It is used to make the code more simplified and easy. Different styles in a single CSS file can be implemented to all the pages of a website. This aids in handling all the web pages only by formatting single style sheet. The usage of CSS file gives uniformity to a website that all the text and images are formatted equally.

  1. 2.      Contrast text and background:

The text color used in the website should always be in contrast with its background color. This is because the content becomes more readable if there is contrast color of text and background. A good example of using contrast is black-white. You can use any of the contrasting colors but make sure the colors you have selected should give a good look to your website based on its theme.

  1. 3.      Typography and larger Font size:

In modern website design, typography has an important role as modern browsers offer better font support and provides a large number of choices to designers. You can use CSS to format the text using right font settings. A website having larger font sizes enables you to read it easily across different platforms.

  1. 4.      Use of White Spaces:

It is also important to use white space properly as it helps in giving the lines enough room to breathe. CSS file can be used for line spacing for every font size. Also, control line spacing in CSS to avoid mistakes and saying time.

  1. 5.      Break text into chunks:

One of the widely used web design method is to break text into chunks or paragraphs. This will make the content more legible and also give a decent look to your page. This is particularly useful when there are large web pages with lots of text on it. Apart from having a good content, it is also very important that it should be presented in a good manner with proper line formatting and paragraphs because this creates interest in the visitors to read the content. In addition, you can also add headlines and bullets to increase the readability of content.

  1. 6.      Add a Sitemap:

A collection of all the pages of a site is called the Sitemap. The visitors can easily check the available pages of the site from the sitemap. It also helps them to check if there are any new pages added to the site.

  1. 7.      Add images on page:

Images help in improving the attractiveness of a web page and also useful in representing the information of a web page. However, ensure that every image that is used on a page should support the text information.

  1. 8.      Add a Contact Form:

You can be closer to your visitors by adding a contact form on the website as this helps in making a good connection between visitors and website owner. All the pages of the website should have link of the contact form and it should be placed within the main menu. ‘Contact us’ page should contain a query form and the company address and phone number. This is very helpful in building up trust and confidence in customers about the company.

  1. 9.      Add a Favicon:

A small icon or image that represents the distinctive identity or brand image of any organization is called Favicon. It appears in the address bar before the website url.

  1. 10.  Add Social Bookmarking buttons:

Besides Contact us page, you can also offer other methods to your customers to connect to your business. Give access to your social bookmarking / networks accounts on your website and add some important accounts such as Facebook, Digg, StumbleUpon, Twitter, and so on. From these accounts, your customers can easily join your network and also get updates about your any new business products and services.

Applying the above mentioned ways can screw up your website design and can give a perfect website design just like a professional web design or web development company provides.