Flyers, Full Color Printing and Essential Flyer Design Tips

Posted on June 5, 2016


Leaflets are a vital element into the success or failure of your neighborhood marketing and advertising promotions. Many small to medium-sized companies rely entirely on shade flyers to push visitors to their particular company on a regular basis. Little companies deliver flyers in many different means – as handouts at sporting events, during trade programs, at celebrations, and through the magazines by means of a “preprint” or magazine place. Pizza restaurants, garments shops, health methods, and nearly every sort of retail company imaginable will gain from an effective flyer and targeted distribution. While you check this out help guide to flyer publishing, consider exactly how it pertains to your business and what can be done to enhance upon your existing print advertising/flyer campaign.Home-31

Flyer Design

  • Flyer design is an innovative procedure that differs widely from business to company. But, there’s some technology involved that can boost reaction, highlight essential products, and enhance your image – while increasing profitability!

Flyer Items

  • Categorize items by type (Ex: DVDs, Televisions, Music, Cell Phones, Etc)
  • Record categories if you wish of relevance for sales – highlight your hot products
  • Consist of a section on your own flyer for “Extras” – small things which add to shop for total (this can be a great option to boost product sales and generate extra profits on each purchase) Add some character to your flyer with niche things or unique offers
  • Clearly list customer options for each group (ie: Club sandwiches served on option of white, wheat, or rye)
  • Use attractive pictures of items for each classification whenever possible

(It’s usually an excellent idea to use photos of your products as a back ground visual) – Group your products into groups to enable you to make pricing decisions· Adjust pricing for each item based on volume and revenue (when you understand just what a product costs which will make, you subtract the cost from the selling cost along with the gross profit for each item on your own selection)

  • Never ever use “…..” leading up to pricing – this is why your flyer seem like a cost record. As an alternative, simply put the price after the product information (This shifts the customer’s focus from the price to your meals product)


  • Photos should always be saved in high-resolution format
  • Utilize images which are 300dpi as much as possible
  • Make certain you use initial photos or images which are maybe not copyrighted

(you will get a hold of scores of affordable royalty-free photos at – constantly employ an artwork designer unless you’re experienced in design

Flyer Printing

  • Constantly print flyers in full-color on shiny paper – your company’s picture will thank you. Print in bulk to save lots of cash per piece – shade publishing is really affordable that way


  • Select a standard glossy paper durable adequate to hold as much as modest consumption. There isn’t any have to use super-thick paper for a flyer or newsprint place given that it will price you a fortune to ship and it will additionally increase production expenses significantly. Select a slim to medium thick paper based on your budget and style of organization.
  • 60# Gloss – comparable to a newspaper place in your Sunday paper (this is the standard)
  • 80# Gloss – similar to the address of a magazine (believe Time magazine’s cover)
  • 100# Gloss – similar to a postcard or company card in thickness
  • Choose a standard flyer size such as 8.5×11 or 11×17


  • Tri-fold – six panel forward and back flyer
  • Half-fold – four panel front and back flyer
  • Double Parallel Fold – six panel front and back flyer with coupon strip

Bleed, No Bleed, along with other Printing Terms

  • Bleed: Graphics/images extend most of this way to the side of the web page *No Bleed: Page has small white border of ¼ an inch whenever done whenever developing a flyer, you must design to bleed or no bleed specifications
  • 4/0: complete color on one side only (the 4 stands for four color printing/full-color *4/4: Comprehensive color on both sides
  • Tracking Results
  • Under-price a hot selling item. The overall idea in doing this is the fact that adequate customers will get extra things to counterbalance the losings developed by the under-pricing for the lead product. It is a good option to measure increases as a result.
  • Create a title for a product this is certainly just on your menu – For instance: “The Beast” Pizza …soon adequate customers will phone and ask for these exclusively known as selection items.
  • Use coupons – consumers will cut coupons off of your flyer and you’ll understand exactly what works
  • Create a “limited-time” promotion particular to 1 specific menu

Please check right back frequently for updates to this flyer manual. We are going to be constantly upgrading this manual and integrating input from smaller businesses over the nation!

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