Design Guidelines of Carnival Flyers

Posted on May 10, 2017


Carnivals are the source of joy and fun for everyone. It is the time when people get to break free from their hectic routines and enjoy their time with their family and friends. For adults and children alike, Carnivals are where they can enjoy their fullest and spend some quality times. One needs to fully understand this if one is on the marketing team for organizing the carnival. Carnivals are usually marketed through flyers so that they can reach many people at the same time. Flyers are handy since they give the whole look of the event and are distributed easily. When designing a flyer, one needs to stick to a couple of guidelines to ensure that the end product is everything that the carnival hopes to achieve.

Carnival Flyer Template

First, choose a color scheme that will envelope your flyer. Avoid using colors that are too dull and upon looking at them, the audience wouldn’t give it a second thought. Choose colors that are vibrant and bright and gain instant attention to the flyer. Use reds, yellows, greens, oranges and etc. You can even make use of neon colors to add a bit of extra brightness to your flyer. Next comes choosing a font. The font, like the color scheme is an equally important part since the readability of your flyer depends on it. If you choose a font too small, people won’t be able to read it. Choose a font too big and it’ll all they’ll be focusing on. Choose something in the middle and choose the font style which is fun. Comic sans or bubble font are instant hits for such kinds of events! After you’re done with the font and the color scheme, next choose background pictures to give the overall flyer a nice look. Add pictures of the various rides that will be available at the carnival, the various kiosks, food stalls, games, balloons and everything that instantly shouts CARNIVAL! You can even add screenshots of various cartoon characters that will be present at the carnival to give the children something to look forward too! Do not use googled images that instantly look fake. Make sure you put authentic pictures that look like the real thing. You can even use pictures of the previous carnival to help people reminisce or take new ones to give it a fresh feel. The next thing that one should keep in mind is the size of the flyer. It shouldn’t be too big that people have a hard time holding and looking at it, and neither it be so small that people need to squish their eyes to look at it. Something in the middle, of a rectangular shape will do the job. It would be the right size to fit in their hands and store for further use.

Always remember that your flyer needs to look fun and feisty. Anything dull will make the whole event a big loss. When designing it, keep in mind one thing: what would appeal to me if I got a carnival flyer? Rest assured, your flyer will be a hit!

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